Thursday, 5 July 2012

List of Links

Not really a post to excite people, but a useful one for me - here is a collection of links for sites that sell modern city scenery for tabletop gaming. I've been looking for some terrain to improve my gaming experience when playing Pulp City and will hopefully be getting some items in the very near future.
Ainsty Castings
JTT Microscale
Fenris Games
Sarissa Precision
Mega Miniatures
Foundations of War

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Big Competition Give Away - TOATS

Hey everyone - just to let you know Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - a fantastic Blog written by HendyBadger is holding a brilliant competition at the moment. the Prize pool includes
1) 2 Pulp City starter boxes, 2 extra Supremes and a full colour printed PDF rulebook (over £80 worth)
2) 4 Reaper Chronoscope Supers and a Beast
3) 2 Lvl2 and 2 Lvl1 Pulp City Supremes of your choice
4-6) 3 x sets of Pulp City Artwork Postcards
7) 70mm DC Dark Knight Joker
8) 70mm Gandalf - Knight Models again

in order for a chance to win you need to follow the blog, and post an amusing comment saying why you should win

good luck guys!